Create a virtual guided course walk

A course walk with added audio and/or video can help riders to be better prepared, engage spectators and promote your coaching skills or sponsors. And it's free to create and publish! With Safe Sport protocols preventing group physical course walks Australian coach Marcia Williamson gave invaluable tips to riders in her Denman guided course walk

Step by Step

  1. Sign up for a free account here.
  2. If the organiser or designer has already recorded the course, ask them to add you as a collaborator
  3. You will receive an email. Open it ON YOUR IPHONE OR IPAD. Click the link to go to the course in the Toolkit
  4. Download the course to your iPhone or iPad by tapping the cloud icon
  5. Otherwise, record the course with the CrossCountry App. You can add audio as you record or later.
  6. It is best to record combinations you will discuss as a single entity as ABC rather than separate A then B then C
  7. Tap the fence to open it and tap Edit
  8. Make sure you know where the microphone is (usually on the bottom) and speak into it for clear recording
  9. Tap the voice memo icon to start recording (it turns red)
  10. Tap again to stop (it turns blue again)
  11. Tap Save to continue to the next Fence
  12. Add audio
  13. Don't worry if you make a mistake, simply record again and delete the voice memos you don't want
  14. delete audio
  15. At the same time you can add photos, video, fence names, striding or text comments
  16. Check the sound level of your audio or video before going to the next fence, just in case you need to rerecord. Do this by scrolling through the photos and tapping the voice memo icon
  17. check audio
  18. Tap the video icon to add video
  19. Take the video - eg. of a rider or coach striding out a combination. If they speak clearly as they walk you should also be able to capture what they say
  20. When you have finished upload the course again. You can create a duplicate rather than overwriting the original if you wish
  21. Make the course public
  22. If the audio has been recorded separately you can add it with the Toolkit course editor in a paid account
  23. Make sure you and the organiser publicise the course walk using our course promotion kit

Video Tutorial