CrossCountry 2

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A new generation of CrossCountry iPhone app

Introducing the all new CrossCountry 2 iPhone app. It’s the ultimate eventing companion to help you perform at your best. With more map details, enhanced timing information and a new and improved design it gives you even more information to help you ride effectively and safely cross country. The app is available on Android as "CrossCountry".

  • View courses instantly without downloading first

    You now have the option to view a course OR download it. Save space on your phone and browse more courses. If you're heading to an event with no internet, download your courses before you go!

    Viewing a list of downloadable courses.
  • Gallery View

    Quickly review fence photos in gallery view.

    Gallery view
  • Integrated Accounts

    Accounts are now fully integrated into CrossCountry app so you can upload your courses publicly or privately and manage your account within the app. Share courses directly to social media, and add a profile picture to appear on published courses.

    Integrated accounts.
  • Count down minute markers

    Get minute markers for count down mode on your watch.

    Choice of Count up and Count down minute markers.
The app logo.

A brand new look and logo

Our new logo symbolises equestrian, tracking and safety in a simple, modern way. Our original logo was a representation of the measuring wheel CrossCountry App replaced. In design we call this Skeumorphism (another example is a drawing of a floppy disk to represent "save"). As measuring wheels are now a thing of the past for riders, we’ve updated our logo to represent our vision for the future: providing equestrians with powerful and easy to use mapping tools that give them the power to create, share and access expertise and detailed information on courses around the world.


More details and options in map view

  • Fence names on the map

    Study the track with fence names and visualise the jumps at the same time. If you forget what a jump looks like then tap on it to view.

    A map showing fence names next to the jumps.
  • Satellite or Street Map

    Choose high resolution, recent satellite imagery or orientate yourself with OpenStreetMap.

    A map showing street names and landmarks.
  • Venue Map Features

    Organisers can add features such as dressage arenas and parking to OpenStreetMap or email us about custom features.

    A map showing venue features.
  • Zoom in on photos

    Pinch to zoom and see every detail up close

    A spectacular jump, shaped like a lion.
  • Unlimited cloud storage

    Keep your courses secure with free backups to our server. Free up space on your phone while still being able retrieve older courses.

    An alert confirming that the course has been uploaded.
  • Time and efforts counters

    While you record, see the riding time (based on speed entered) and efforts count as you walk.

    The app recording a course, showing the effort count, length and time.


Running CrossCountry App has a lot of overhead costs, from running the course library servers, keeping them secure and providing support. To allow us to continue developing high quality, leading edge technology we need to change our fee structure. Downloading CrossCountry 2 for iPhone and CrossCountry for Android is free. The free app lets you browse the extensive library and view all courses. Pro features, such as minute markers and recording a course, are available by a modest subscription of US $29.99 (A$39.99, €29.99, £24.99) for a full twelve months For Toolkit subscribers CrossCountry 2 is included in your subscription so there is no extra to pay.

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