Promote my courses

Now you have created your courses, its time to spread the word. Riders say the courses help them prepare and to decide which events to enter. Specatators can find their way around. Sponsors appreciate the longevity long after the event has finished

We created this comprehensive and easy to follow kit with templates, posters, ideas and instructions

Download Course Promotion Kit Here (Updated August 2020) Promotion

Promotion Checklist

  1. Open the Toolkit on your desktop, tablet or smartphone.
  2. Login with your email address and password. You will be automatically logged in next time you use the toolkit and you will see the list of your events
  3. Select the event and open the course
  4. Edit course details to select an eyecatching thumbnail, informative description and make the course public
  5. Share it on your facebook page, instagram or twitter
  6. Send an email to competitors (copy the example below)
  7. Print out posters for your office/scoreboard, VIP tent, media tent, stables
  8. Ask us to make a location based notification to CrossCountry App users
  9. Put links on your website. They can be individual links or a general one to crosscountryapp.com/courses#your_event e.g. crosscountryapp.com/courses#aldon
  10. Test all the links
  11. Include in newsletters and press releases


  1. Download Full Course Promotion Kit
  2. Download Ready to Print Poster for maps with photos
  3. Download Ready to Print Poster for maps only
  4. Download Ready to Print Poster DL
  5. Download Editable WORD Poster (add your event photo and logo)
  6. Download Editable PDF Poster (for your graphic designer)
  7. Copy and Paste this Email to competitors
  8. Dear Riders

    Digital course maps for this weekend are on the CrossCountry App.

    Remember you must always check the official map and optimum time at the event and walk your course as presented.

    You can download courses with Minute Markers in CrossCountry App for iPhone or Android, or without minute markers on CrossCountry Lite for iPhone. If you don’t have CrossCountry App get it at crosscountryapp.com/app

    Windows phone or PC/Mac users, can view courses online at crosscountryapp.com/courses.

    If you would like to know more about CrossCountry App go to crosscountryapp.com or email info@crosscountryapp.com

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