The current release (1.9.3) fully supports iOS11 on all iPhone models including the largest screens.

Having Trouble with Airdrop?

Airdrop allows you to share a course with another CrossCountry App user without the need for internet REALLY quickly. But if it doesnt find another Airdrop user you might need to change your airdrop settings to "Everyone" (especially if you dont have iCloud enabled). Airdrop used to be in the Control Centre on iOS10 but now its hidden Here's how to change your settings

GPS Accuracy with iOS11

low accuracy message

Some users may experience a GPS accuracy problem caused by the iOS11 operating system. This affects all GPS tracking on your iPhone or iPad including Google Maps. You will see that the blue location sphere has a large shadow around it and is not in precisely the right place. If your app is displaying e.g. 165m accuracy it will refuse to start recording a course. We have read that this problem is related to Apple now supporting interior GPS - so you can find your way around shopping malls

1. Reboot your phone

2. Go into settings > privacy 

    Turn location services off and on again

3. Make sure you are on the latest version of IOS (the iPhone/iPad operating system software) and CrossCountry App 

    How to check

4. Still no luck? Follow these excellent  strava instructions

This is a REALLY good explanation of GPS and why and when it might not work (and what to do about it) from Strava.

If it is a satellite availability problem you will most likely find that it goes away the next day. (Sorry that's no help when you are walking your course!). If it continues report an issue

New iOS11 feature

Good news for iOS11 users. If you ever need to delete any app (including CrossCountry and Lite) off your phone you can now keep all your data. So your courses are all still there when you reinstall. Sometimes when something stops working (eg. you do not get the minute marker beep) deleting and reinstalling is the best way to fix the problem.

offload app screenshot

Got a problem? Check our troubleshooting tips

The latest release for both CrossCountry and Lite is 1.9.3 What's New in 1.9?

General Support

If you are experiencing problems, check you are using the most recent release of both CrossCountry App (or Lite) and iOS and upgrade if you can. If you report a problem you must tell us what release you are using. We officially support the three most recent major releases of iOS i.e iOS9, iOS10 & iOS11

Not sure how to check what release you are on?

Before you upgrade to a new release of iOS restart your iPhone/iPad so that there are no processes hanging around which can cause the upgrade to fail. This is not related to CrossCountry app but is an important Apple tip.

We also recommend you back up your courses

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To report a bug or request an enhancement to CrossCountry in future versions, report an issue

For general feedback (or just to chat) email

You can reach Jose Diacono by phone on 0418 224 081 (or +61 418 224 081 if you are not calling from Australia).

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"What's new" History




1.6.1 and 1.6.2



When I have both Full CrossCountry and Lite on an iPhone 6 or iPad, a Welcome to Lite screen flashes up before courses download automatically to CrossCountry Full

Delete Lite from your device. Here's how
If you had courses in Lite you can download them again from our library to the Full app where you will see so much more information such as minute markers.
If you synch regularly with your iTunes you will need to delete it from your Mac too (as explained here)

When I start to record a course I don't see the satellite imagery

If you are out of mobile range or have mobile data turned off the imagery will not display. The course will still record as normal and the imagery will appear when you get back into range.

no imagery

My satellite map background doesn't appear or disappears when I zoom right in

If you don't have mobile reception or data roaming is turned off because you are overseas you won't see the satellite map. But the app still works and you will see it as soon as you get into mobile or WiFi range. If you know you are going somewhere without mobile coverage you can open the course on wifi beforehand. This preloads the background imagery in squares. zoom in and out to load them all.

The background will disappear when you zoom right in if you are in an area for which Apple does not have high resolution satellite imagery.

I have lost my courses

iPhones are complex computers and as such, things sometimes go wrong and files are corrupted. If you receive an error message when you open CrossCountry saying your database is corrupted please follow these instructions and contact us

Here's how to backup your courses easily

Courses are not attached to emails

When you email a course, there is no attachment.

This is an email-dependent problem. It may be because your server imposes a size limit (while a course with photos is usually 3-4mb if you add videos they can be much bigger) or it may be just a random glitch. Try again. If the problem persists we recommend you create a gmail or yahoo account on your phone. They are very reliable.

I cannot hear minute markers beep

Make sure your volume is turned up. This sounds really obvious but it caught our chief tester out! Check the battery %. If it is under 20% the beep may stop working. If the problem persists you can turn your phone off and on again (you will not lose your course if you are in the middle of recording)

Try deleting the app and re-installing it. Unless you are on iOS11 and can offload your app, you WILL lose your courses if you do this. So email any important ones to yourself first.

If this doesn't fix the problem contact us.

When I tap on a course which someone has emailed me, nothing happens.

Be patient, it may be still downloading (the email itself downloads before any attachments)

If after a couple of minutes nothing happens tap again, or kill the process and try again. If that doesn't help, reboot your iPhone/iPad.

opening emailed course

Poor GPS accuracy

Your iPhone gives its accuracy at the start. Normally it is accurate to 5 meters. Occasionally the satellites are not in such a good position and it may say 17m or even higher. If your iPhone cannot get a sufficiently good GPS "fix" to record accurately it will tell you so and refuse to proceed. Try waiting a few minutes or turn your phone completely off and on again (keep pressing the button until you see the slider and turn it off).

If your track has wiggles or measures longer than the official length this will not impact the accuracy of your final minute markers because the app works these out by dividing the distance you measure by the optimum time. 

Location services denied

When you first start up CrossCountry it asks for permission to use your location. Say Yes because CrossCountry must have this to create a course. If you said No by mistake, change it by going into Settings>Location Services on your iPhone and set CrossCountry to ON.

Strange things happen!

If you find the app does not work as it should e.g. you cannot save jumps or photos, please upgrade your IOS (the operating system of your iPhone) to the latest version and download the latest version of CrossCountry from the Appstore. If this doesn't fix the problem contact us.

I have a problem related to iOS, ITunes or apps in general

You are probably not the first. is very helpful but don't hesitate to contact us if you cannot resolve it.