Event Pages

Finding courses just got even easier

Event page

Every event in the library automatically has its own dedicated event page that makes it very easy for riders and fans to find your courses via a google search, social media, your own, eventing media or scoring websites

Get event page link

You can create a customised QR code to put up at the start box or in the program.

Share your event page

Share this handy single link to all your courses via direct email to riders, officials and volunteers who can either click the thumbnail image to see the course online or download to CrossCountry App.

  1. Open the Toolkit on your desktop, tablet or smartphone and open the event
  2. The View button shows you what your Event page looks like
  3. The Share button gives you the direct link (for email or social media). The embedding code is for your website
  4. Get event page link
  5. An embedded event page on desktop
  6. View event page

    and on mobile

    Get event page link

    Add your event logo

    1. Open the Toolkit on your desktop, tablet or smartphone and open the event
    2. You must be the owner of the event to do this. If you are not, please contact support@crosscountryapp.com
    3. Tap the horse's head to add your logo. You can also rename the event here
    4. change event logo
    5. If you don't have photos in the courses add your event logo, an interesting image or screenshot of the map as the thumbnail
    6. If you have no published courses yet your page looks like this
    7. Get event page link

    Google Search Tip

    Event pages can be found in a google search such as "cholmondeley cross country courses" or "cholmondeley xc courses" so even if you don't have a website and people have never heard of CrossCountry app, they can still find them easily

    Google search ranking will depend on the number of other references to your courses e.g. on youtube or Eventing media websites, how long your page has existed and how many times it has been viewed.

    Google search

    A single event with every course will be more discoverable than if you create a new event folder for each competition (ie. put all courses in an event called Sommerville, rather than Sommerville May 2021, Sommerville September 2021 etc)

    If you have a lot of different events and wish to consolidate them Here's how

  7. Email us for help moving a large number of courses from one event to another