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german flagfrench summaryVisualise and plan your ride. No more wheeling and never miss a jump again! Used by novices to Olympians.

CrossCountry works anywhere in the world. Does not require mobile connection or internet.

Ingrid Klimke uses CrossCountry App

  • This app helps me to plan all my cross country courses
    Ingrid Klimke, Olympic Gold Medalist

    Chris Burton uses CrossCountry App

    • It is so handy and easy to get the minute markers
      Chris Burton, Olympic Medalist
      • I've used it at 4 events this year and came home clear and under time each time
        Sara Botten
      • I used to drive a long way to an event, just to miss a fence. Since I started using CrossCountry app I haven't missed a single one
        Ally Drewett, One Star Rider
      • The only app I have ever paid for and worth every cent
        80cm rider Teena Welsh
      • It saves time, it's very accurate, it's very easy to use
        Christine Bates, Five Star rider
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      Used by Chris Burton, Ingrid Klimke, Sam Griffiths, Bettina Hoy, Paul Tapner, Mark Kyle, Francis Whittington, Stuart Tinney, Shane Rose, Clayton Fredericks and many more...

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