Add and Manage Collaborators

As course owner you can invite others to collablorate on a course either by editing it or just viewing it privately. For example the Event organiser might add final fence names, another team member uploads the photos. This can save much duplication of information and effort

Step by Step

  1. Open the Toolkit
  2. Search for the event and open the course
  3. Tap the collaborate icon + on desktop
  4. It looks like this on phone/tablet
  5. add collaborator phone
  6. Search for the person using their full name. They must have an account. If you do not find them check that they have an account and the name they have used
  7. add collaborator desktop
  8. Decide if they should have view or edit access
  9. download
  10. You can change their access at any time
  11. download
  12. Optionally type them a message
  13. They will receive an email. The link takes them straight to the course which is now listed in their Toolkit account
  14. download

Watch our Colloboration Webinar

Quick View of the webinar presentation pdf

Share link and social media

Promote your course by sharing on social media

Step by Step

  1. Open the Toolkit and find the course.
  2. Tap the Green Share button
  3. social media sharing
  4. Copy the link to share on social media or tap the icon. Please note you can share to a personal page but Facebook may not allow you to share to a business page. A workaround is to copy the online link and paste into your Facebook post
  5. You can email the online or CrossCountry App download links directly e.g to all your fence judges

Embed the link on a website

You can embed the map in a web page so that web visitors remain on your site

Step by Step

  1. Open the Toolkit and find the course.
  2. Tap the Green Share button
  3. Select the Embed tab
  4. embed in website
  5. Copy the html code and send to your webmaster
  6. Alternatively you can link the online link (URL) to text or a button
  7. embed in website

For more ideas on promoting your courses download our comprehensive and easy to follow kit with templates, posters, ideas and instructions

Download Course Promotion Kit Here Promotion

Video Tutorial

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