FEI Fence reporting

Request a pre-populated FEI fence report word document with data from your course:fence numbers, whether they are part of a combination, identifying brush, roofed and water fences from their names. Default values are also added for some columns. Edit these in Word or Mac numbers and add extra lines for alternatives.

FEI fence report

We will work to enhance the data stored in the Toolkit and integrate with the new FEI web based reporting system when it is rolled out by the FEI in 2024

Upgrade to a Toolkit subscription to use this feature

Step by Step

  1. Open the course in the Toolkit
  2. Click the stats button
  3. Click the Export button and select ‘FEI Fence Description Form’ in the drop down
  4. Send us the email created, ideally giving 48 hours notice
request FEI fence description form