Latest webinar - course ovelays

Learn how to set the track and number colour for CrossCountry app users, overlay multiple courses in the Toolkit editor and on print maps; how to request an FEI Fence Description Report

For our newest users

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If you are new to the Toolkit or need a refresher, in 35 minutes you will learn what you need to get started (editing, printing, publishing); how to handle last minute changes and streamline your course design and team communication. Then experiment by editing courses from past events.

Reduce paper, improve communication

Take a quick look at the slides

Co-founders Jose and Helen Diacono help you navigate the "new normal" of physical distancing with CrossCountry Digital maps

Share with your team

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Collaboration is defined as "working with others to achieve or do something" In our case the goal is to create a cross country course and run an efficient event. In the webinar, co-founders Helen and Jose Diacono will explore Collaboration with the Toolkit: how to do it, when and why you should do it and with whom.

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