When you edit a course in the toolkit, it is "in the cloud". So when you have finished editing make sure you download the updated version to your CrossCountry App before you do further work offline e.g taking photos out on course, adding audio or videos.

If you are unsure whether you are in the app or in the toolkit or you cannot find your courses Read this blog post and it will be clear

Step by Step

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, go to CrossCountry App
  2. Open the course you want to update
  3. Tap Details
  4. Scroll down and tap Open in Toolkit
  5. scroll down

    Download the course

  6. If the course is not already on your phone, open the Toolkit on your phone, find the event and then the course
  7. Tap the Download icon
  8. You have now updated the course in CrossCountry App with any edits you made to it in the toolkit
  9. download

Video Tutorial

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