CrossCountry 2

Frequently Asked Questions

Is recording a course in CrossCountry 2 very different?
No. The way CrossCountry 2 works for recording a course is very, very similar so existing users find it easy to use the new version. The new app displays time and efforts count as you walk, as well as distance.
Can I have CrossCountry 1 (wheel icon) and CrossCountry 2 apps on my phone at the same time?
Yes. You can have both apps on your phone simultaneously.
How do I do family sharing?
Here are Instructions for setting up on Apple and Troubleshooting advice. For Android you can set up a Family Library by opening the Google Play Store app and by tapping on menu followed by Account > Family > Sign Up for Family Library. Everyone in your family group must be at least 13 years old and must live together in the same country as you. Here are full instructions. Make sure in-app purchases are included
Can I access my existing courses on CrossCountry 2?
Yes. Create an account to transfer them via our free cloud storage.
How much does CrossCountry 2 cost?
CrossCountry 2 is free to download from the Appstore and as CrossCountry from the Google Playstore. Use it to search and view courses online. Subscribe to CrossCountry Pro via an in-app purchase of just US$39.99 (A$49.99, €39.99, £34.99) for a whole year to access premium features such as record courses, download courses and see minute markers. CrossCountry Pro features are all included in a Toolkit subscription.
Can I try it free?
Yes, you can have a 7 day free trial of all the Pro premium features so request a free trial in the app before your next competition. To avoid being charged, cancel at least one day before the end of the free trial.
Does CrossCountry 2 replace the existing CrossCountry iPhone App in the App Store?
Yes. CrossCountry 1 and CrossCountry Lite are no longer for sale but you can continue to use them if you already have them
Can I keep using my “old” app?
Yes. CrossCountry 1 (with the wheel icon) will continue to work to record and publish courses but we will not release any more updates for it so future releases of the iOS (Apple) operating system may impact it. It supports iOS15. The course library will soon be retired in CrossCountry 1 after which you will no longer be able to download courses from the library.
If I already bought CrossCountry app do I have to pay the subscription for CrossCountry 2?
Yes. CrossCountry 2 has been rebuilt from scratch with lots of great improvements and we will continuously add exciting new features to it in future. Or you can choose to stay with CrossCountry 1
Is the subscription for CrossCountry 2 included in my Toolkit subscription?
Yes. Login on the app using your Toolkit email and password to unlock all the Pro features.
Why is CrossCountry 2 a subscription and not a one time purchase?
Running CrossCountry App has a lot of overhead costs, from running the course library servers, keeping them secure and administering accounts, to keeping up to date with operating system changes (Apple and Android). Users who bought it 10 years ago have paid nothing since, whilst receiving dozens of updates and improvements. Regular subscription income will allow us to innovate and continue developing high quality, leading edge technology
Can I transfer Pro from iPhone to Android or use it on both?
Unfortunately not. We are required to sell the Pro subscription through the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store. Apple and Google are two completely separate and competing companies so subscriptions are not transferable. Your Pro subscription is linked to your Apple or Google ID so it will work on any device on which you are logged in with that Apple or Google ID (e.g an iPhone and iPad).
I regularly contribute courses. Must I still subscribe?
People who have published quality courses regularly and continue to do so, or publish for an entire event can apply for a free subscription We are very grateful for your contribution to CrossCountry app and the eventing community.
Is CrossCountry 2 better for event organisers too?
Yes. It is much easier for riders and spectators to find events near them. Now CrossCountry app 2 is universally accessible on Android and iOS, events can go paperless for convenience and to save graphic design costs. Virtual guided course walks and dedicated event pages are two more reasons riders will have a more positive experience on cross country and keep coming back.
Is CrossCountry 2 better than viewing the courses on the website?
Yes. CrossCountry 2 has a Photo Gallery (Pro feature) and shows courses near you first, saving you having to search the library. Pro users can download courses for faster performance, offline use and minute markers. New features will be added to CrossCountry 2 which will not be available in the online view.

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We want you to love using CrossCountry 2 so we worked hard to make it easy and streamlined to use. You need to concentrate on walking the course – not battle with technology. Riders of all levels, officials and parents have tested it at events and have helped us make it even more user friendly. We know there is much more it could do so please email us your ideas and experiences.