Print an eventing course map

Print automated maps in many formats and download as pdf. Save the setup for later.

Print maps

Step by Step

  1. Open the course you wish to print
  2. If you own the course or are a collaborator you will see the print option, If you do not see the print icon, contact the owner and ask them to add you as a collaborator
  3. Print
  4. Set up the format using the print control panel
  5. Print
  6. Use the slider to smooth the track
  7. Set track colour, landscape or portrait
  8. Select background with the layers button
  9. Select resolution 72, 150 (default) or 300 dpi
  10. Choose the fence list location
  11. Save Changes so you can come back to it and collaborators will see them
  12. Tap Download to download the PDF

PLEASE NOTE: The terms of use of the satellite imagery suppliers and our terms of use state YOU MUST ALWAYS DISPLAY THE COPYRIGHT INFORMATION