Edit a course

Edit track and fence positions

You need a subscription to save your work but you can try all the editing tools free

Step by Step.

  1. Open the Toolkit on your desktop, tablet or smartphone. As a beginner you will find desktop or laptop easier. On smartphone, rotate your screen to landscape
  2. Select the event and open the course you wish to edit
  3. Tap the Edit icon
  4. Use the icons on the right to add, delete, move markers (jumps, compulsory flags or waypoints), drag or erase track, renumber jumps automatically
  5. After the first edit press Save to make sure you are authorised to make edits
  6. Continue editing
  7. Tap Arrow icons to Undo/Redo last command
  8. Use the vertical slider to smooth the track display
  9. Save to finish

Video Tutorials

Edit fence properties, photos etc

Edit course details and thumbnail

Thank you to Badminton Horse Trials for the Mitsubishi Motors Cup course used in these videos.