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This App helps me to plan all my cross country courses Ingrid Klimke, Olympic Gold Medallist

Ingrid Klimke records Badminton 2017

Francis Whittington is a 4* event rider, winner of the prestigious Blenheim International and a member of the Great Britain Team at the European Championships.

Bramham stewards Sarah Charnley and Cath Hill used CrossCountry App when they competed in the Mitsubishi Motors Cup, the British Eventing Amateur Championships at Badminton

"The Cross Country App really gave us a clear idea about where and when we could make or lose time on the course. So helpful" Rachel Thomas, Horseware National Hunter trials pairs finalist, UK

"We went clear inside the time (for the first time at Novice) and placed 7th! Couldn't have done it without the app!" Njay Sharpe, UK

"A brilliant way to record and understand courses quickly and easily" Sara Botten, Western Australia

"When the scores came out equal for first place, Delta ended up winning as we were closest to the optimum time on XC! The CrossCountry App earnt it's keep!!" Amanda Ross, Olympian

"I love the app, it works so well. Never has it let me down" Shane Eden, 1* and 2* winner, Australia

"CrossCountry helps me ride at the right pace. I used to get time penalties for going too fast" Willy Leysen, Amateur Rider, Holland

"The only app I have ever paid for and worth every cent" EvA 80cm rider Teena Welsh

"I used to drive a long way to an event just to miss a jump. Since using the app I havn't missed a single one" Ally Drewett

"Was an absolute godsend having the course loaded already, and having my minute markers. It meant I managed to ride to time AND win the class..."  Amelia Coates

"Absolutely brilliant. I wish I'd had it when I was riding" Badminton & Burghley Winner, European Champion, Olympic Medalist Ginny Elliot

Podcast: Teena talks about minute markers and her first ever 80cm competition

Podcast: Teena talks about fence analysis

"Helps remove the anxiety and emotion from the parent/child relationship" Alison Cairns, Parent.

"I was in 2nd place after dressage and stadium, then forgot a jump on the xc course and was eliminated. Not this time!" Jessa Hills won!!

"It gives me great information" Stuart Tinney, Olympic Gold Medallist

"It saves time, it's very accurate, it's very easy to use" Christine Bates, Four Star Rider and Coach.

"Used the app to discuss a line to a fence with a fellow competitor. 'Wow it's on your phone??!!'... Yes it is. Neat". Louise Plaun, Denmark

"Our sixth event in a row clear and under time since we started with your app!" Stacey Briggs Stacey's Helmetcam Photo: Casey Louttit


"Came in on perfect time. Minute markers helped heaps" Laura Holdstock at Scone Horse Trials


Paul Tapner uses CrossCountry App

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