Automatic optimum time calculation

If you do not enter an optimum time, the Toolkit calculates it for you, based on measured distance and speed. Record with CrossCountry 2 (or CrossCountry on Android) for extra time calculations "on the go". The Toolkit Stats also give you time at each fence based on the same calculations.

Step by Step in the Toolkit

You can do this with a free account

  1. Record your course and upload it
  2. Open the course in the Toolkit on your phone or on your desktop
  3. Search for the event and open the course
  4. Tap the stats button
  5. Stats
  6. If you have not entered an official optimum time, then the optimum time displayed is based on measured length and speed. The time limit is always twice the optimum time
  7. Zoom in to see the detail

    measured stats
  8. Change the speed and see what happens
  9. When you add in the official optimum time, the toolkit calculates the official distance for your print map. You can override this if you want to round it up or down e.g. from 2308 to 2310. All time and distance stats are recalculated in the stats section.
  10. measured stats
  11. On this display minimum time has been added manually - via the Advanced Tab.
  12. official stats

Handy extra time calculations in CrossCountry App

  1. Upgrade to a Toolkit subscription
  2. Login on the CrossCountry App. This enables time and efforts counters to be displayed as you record a course
  3. Make sure you enter the correct speed because the optimum time is based on this
  4. Start a recording
  5. You will see a running count of time and efforts as well as length at the bottom of the screen.
  6. otimum time and efforts
  7. When you have finished recording, scroll down in the Details screen to see the measured optimim time which is calculated from the measured length and speed. This is a CrossCountry 1 feature, coming soon in CrossCountry 2
  8. otimum time in details

Minimum Time and Speed Faults

We do not calculate the minimum time automatically as it varies from country to country. Set it in the Advanced Tab. We will be adding in other calculations for Speed Faults as used in the USA

official stats

To print Speed Faults time on your maps, add it into the description box which allows free text

speed faults

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