Statistics, Exporting & Elevation

Export fence numbers to scoring system

If your scoring system has a bulk import function you can save a lot of typing and avoid errors by extracting the fence numbers directly from the course

Step by Step

  1. Upload the course from CrossCountry App to the Toolkit
  2. Open the course in the Toolkit
  3. Tap the stats button
  4. Stats
  5. Tap Export and the drop down 'Efforts only as csv'
  6. export
  7. Save the csv file
  8. Open the csv file and copy the columns you require
  9. Stats
  10. Paste them into your scoring system

Statistics, export track & lists

Video Tutorial

Including how to export a track to KML and a fence list to CSV.

Visualise elevation using Google Earth

Exporting a course to Google Earth is a powerful way to see terrain and precise gradients and where fences are positioned on uphill or downhill slopes. If you are a rider going to a new event, check how hilly it is so you can make sure your horse is fit


Video Tutorial