Make a course public

You have created your course, added the fence names and (optionally) photos. It's time to publish it for riders and spectators.

Check the course details: time, distance, date, description and add an attractive thumbnail. Make sure all courses for an event are in the same event folder so riders don't get confused

Step by Step

  1. Upload the course if you have not already done so
  2. Open the Toolkit on your desktop, tablet or smartphone.
  3. If your courses are in events with different names, move them into one event folder
  4. Open the course
  5. Select an eyecatching fence for the thumbnail in our library. If you dont have photos, add your event or sponsor logo
  6. change thumbnail
  7. Check you have all the details correct such as Optimum Time, Speed & Official Distance. There are more settings such as Efforts Count under the Advanced tab.
  8. Don't worry if you don't have the Optimum time yet. You can add it later. Newly published courses automatically get tagged with a "Riders must check optimum time and offical map"
  9. You can make it even more obvious by putting OPTIMUM TIME AND DISTANCE TO BE CONFIRMED in the description with other information such as who recorded the course
  10. Set visibility to Public
  11. make public
  12. Tap Save to finish
  13. Check the course is appearing correctly on crosscountryapp.com/courses and on your website
  14. IMPORTANT NOTE. If you publish your course and then upload a new version (e.g. with dressed photos) you will need to check the Public box again or it will become unlisted.

Spread the Word

We created this easy to use kit for Event Organisers with templates, poster, ideas and instructions

Download Course Promotion Kit Here