Create a course

There are 3 ways to create a course in the toolkit:
  1. upload from CrossCountry App
  2. duplicate an existing course
  3. import a track from a Google Earth Tool

Upload a course from CrossCountry App

Step by Step

  1. Open CrossCountry app on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Log in if necessary
  3. In the course list, select the course to upload
  4. Tap the Share button (bottom right)
  5. Login ipad
  6. Tap Upload
  7. upload
  8. Optionally tap the Public button to make the course instantly public in our library
  9. upload
  10. Once uploaded you will be prompted to open in the toolkit where you can change the thumbnail before making the course public or share it privately
  11. If, instead of the above screens you see this one, you need to Log In Not logged in

Video Tutorial

Duplicate an existing course

Duplicating a course saves a lot of time if there are just small changes to be made. It may be a course from a previous competition or you might duplicate a 3* course to create the similar Intermediate one.

Step by Step

  1. Open the Toolkit and find the course. Remember to choose "All Events" in the drop down to search for courses you do not own
  2. Tap the 3 dots next to the course name
  3. duplicate
  4. Select duplicate. The new course will be called copy and will be unlisted.
  5. Open the course and change the name in the Level
  6. duplicate
  7. Delete the description if e.g. someone else has recorded the course so that their name does not appear on your new course and remove the Optimum Time if that will be different

Video Tutorial

Import KML from Daft Logic

Step by Step

You can create your initial track using Google Earth or any tool that will export a KML file. A lot of designers like to do this in the comfort of the office.
  1. Daft Logic is a popular free google earth tool. Go to daftlogic.com
  2. Create a daftlogic account and design your course
  3. Export your course to KML, saving it as a file on your computer
  4. Open the Toolkit.
  5. Find the event you want to add the course to or create a new event
  6. It's very easy to end up with a lot of events with similar names if you are not careful. Read our Tips and Best Practise to avoid this
  7. Click the Import KML button
  8. import KML
  9. Type in the Level e.g. CCI2*-S and select the KML from where you have saved it
  10. import KML
  11. Open the course. It will just be the track so you can start adding your fences
  12. Video Tutorial

    The Toolkit can also import KML from most other sources. Having a problem? Talk to us.

    Once you have imported your track you add fences.

    Thank you to Aidan McGinly for the Munstead PC course and to Wandin Park and Sydney at SIEC for courses used in this videos.