Toolkit Troubleshooting

Cannot upload photos in the Toolkit editor

You get an error message

Recent iPhones and Android phones have a default format for photos called HEIC (High efficiency Image Container) which is not supported on MacBooks and PCs by Chrome or earlier versions of the Safari browser. So if you take photos on your phone and then transfer them to your computer you will get this message.


Upgrade to Safari 17 or later. If you cannot upgrade because you have an older computer you can email the photos to yourself and they will be converted by the email. Or you can open the Toolkit on your iPhone which will allow you to add HEIC photos

Permanent Fix

Change the setting in your phone to save images as JPG. Then you can transfer your photos to your computer and upload them with your preferred browser. If someone else is taking photos for you instruct them to change their setting before they take the photos

These are iPhone screenshots, but Android is very similar

Support contact

If you have not found your problem here Email or call Jose Diacono on 0418 224 081 (or +61 418 224 081 outside Australia) or Jill Martin on 07557 147812in the UK