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CrossCountry App for Android is in the Early Access Play Store so it can be tested on a wide range of phones and by a wide variety of people before official release. Your feedback is important.

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Call Jose on 0418 224 081 (or +61 418 224 081 outside Australia).

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Getting Started

When you open the app you will see the Course Library where you can view or download courses shared by riders and organisers. To create your first course press the + and add course details.


Enter the name of the event. If you have internet, it will search for the event in our database. Or you can enter a new event

If you do not know the optimum time, leave it blank. You can set it later and adjust your minute markers.

You must press Start to begin recording a course.


Adding Jumps

The Plus adds a jump, compulsory flag or Waypoint and pauses CrossCountry so you can walk different lines and take photos or videos. edit marker


The default marker is a jump and CrossCountry predicts what number it should be to save you typing each time. If you want to change the number to 7A, just tap on the Number bar and click A. You can enter A, B etc as separate jumps or tap A and B etc together to create a combination jump to which you can add multiple photos of the different elements.

change jump number

If you enter an A, then the next element will automatically be B. After that, the jump number will automatically increment again. ie. 7B goes to 8. If you wish to add a C, set the jump number to 7 and select C

Adding a jump name, comment and striding is optional. You can take one or more photos or videos of a jump.

When the photo/video is saved and you are finished adding information, tap resume and tracking will resume. Photos, voice memos, comments etc can also be added later.

Please note that some older Android phones will not record video. They take a photo instead

If you lock the phone and put it in your pocket CrossCountry will continue to record and beep when you reach a Minute Marker. Make sure your sound is turned up.

Waypoints & Compulsory Passages

Tap Marker Type to change to a Waypoint or Compulsory Passage (Flags). A Waypoint is a point which you can place anywhere on the course to remind yourself of a fork in the track, difficult terrain or overhanging branches.

Pausing and Erasing

If you need to interrupt your course walk, exit the recording and the course will be saved in Your Courses, with red text. Reopen it when you are ready to resume

pause and erase

If you go the wrong way you can use the Erase function to retrace your steps (e.g back to the last jump). It may help to zoom in first. Accept the Erase to finish. The app redraws the track and adjusts course length when you resume.


If you forget to restart after a pause and have been walking in a direct line, rather than retracing your steps, just press Resume and CrossCountry will draw a straight line from the point at which you paused.

When you resume, CrossCountry measures in a straight line from where you paused to your current location so it will automatically measure the width of the fence when you pause walk around and start again. (This is especially useful with water jumps so you don't get wet feet). When course designers measure the course, they include the width of the jumps in their measurements. CrossCountry is designed to measure the course as accurately as possible.

At the Finish

After pressing Finish, CrossCountry calculates the final position of Minute Markers if you have entered the Optimum Time

Add or change the optimum time to recalculate minute markers by clicking on the Info button in the map view and then Edit.


You can upload your course to our server and either make it public or unlisted. This is also a good way to backup your courses.


Add jump names, voice memos, comments and more photos on a subsequent course walk and upload the updated course again


Click on any jump to see its photo and description. Swipe down to see multiple photos and videos and browse left and right through the jumps

Minute Marker Reminders

location awareness If you have downloaded a pre-recorded course or are walking your course a second time, you can turn on Minute marker reminders. Tap the location icon and your phone will beep when you get within 15m of a minute marker. Even when it is locked in your pocket! The Location button is useful to show you where you are too.

If you forget to turn off "Location awareness" CrossCountry will alert you to avoid using too much battery

Exploring Courses

location awareness

The Explore Button takes you to our course library where you can search and view courses online by tapping anywhere on the photo or details. Choose the Download icon to download the course to your phone for faster performance and offline use.

Deleting courses

To delete a course you have recorded or downloaded, hold your finger on the course photo or details.

Editing a downloaded course

When you download a course it is put in Your Courses under the Downloads tab.


You can add add photos and your own comments to jumps using the Edit button

edit markers

When you have edited a course it is moved under the Your Courses tab.

edit downloaded course

To add or change the optimum time, tap the Info icon, Edit and Save. Your minute markers will be adjusted. Press Close to go to the map view.

change optimum time

Accuracy of minute markers

Provisional Minute Markers are placed as you walk the course, every 500m for example for a 1* track. Your phone will beep to alert you. However, when you finish the course, CrossCountry calculates the exact position of minute markers based on the total length you have measured and the optimum time.

If you are riding a 3000m course at 500mpm your optimum time will be 6 minutes, CrossCountry will place the minute markers every 500m along the track but then at the end if you have measured the course at 3,060, it will reposition the markers to every 510m because you have told it that you still have to ride the course in 6 minutes.

Pre-recorded courses

If you are downloading a pre-recorded course from our library you must always check the optimum time and information at the event. The digital courses are not official maps. Times and tracks can change.

Some Useful Tips

Course walking and Riding to Time

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