Sharing Courses between CrossCountry 1 on iPhone and CrossCountry 2 on iPhone and Android

"I cannot open the course my friend who has the iPhone app has sent me"

The CrossCountry 1 iPhone app (with the wheel icon) has a different file format to your "next generation" CrossCountry 2 app so course files cannot be emailed or sent via Whatsapp etc.

You share courses privately by uploading them to our server and then sharing the link via WhatsApp, messenger, email etc. This is also how you can transfer your own courses from CrossCountry 1 to CrossCountry 2

Give these instructions to your friend

  1. Create an account at
  2. Log in by opening CrossCountry app on your iPhone or iPad
  3. Touch the little information icon in the course list
  4. Touch "Login" down the bottom of the iPhone Login iphone
  5. In the course list, open the course to upload
  6. Tap the Share button (bottom right)
  7. share course
  8. Tap Upload
  9. upload
  10. Optionally tap the Public button to make the course instantly public in our library
  11. upload
  12. Once uploaded you will be prompted to open in the toolkit
  13. open in toolkit
  14. If you see this, instead of the above screens, it means you are not logged in.Log In Not logged in
  15. Open in Toolkit
  16. Tap the share button
  17. share in toolkit

    If the receiving person has CrossCountry PRO

  18. Copy the download link and paste it into a message, email, whatsapp etc
  19. share download link

    CrossCountry PRO users

  20. When you receive the message, open the link and the course will download to CrossCountry app
  21. If the receiving person does not have CrossCountry PRO

  22. Copy and paste the online link instead. Send by email, messenger etc. When you receive the message, open the link and you will be able to view the course. You will not see minute markers