Known issues and Troubleshooting

Tracking stops when phone locks

Your phone goes to sleep or is locked while walking a course. When you unlock it, you just see a straight line to your current location

This is because many android phones have Power Saving/Battery Saver/Power Optimizer Mode which turn off GPS tracking to save battery. It affects all tracking apps

How to Disable Power saving

Go to your phone Settings > Battery > under "App Power Saving" select "Detail" > turn off power saving.

If this doesn't help go to the Don't Kill my App website to find instructions for your particular phone

How to cancel a subscription

Our Subscriptions page explains how to check and cancel your subscription

Troubleshooting GPS Issues

If you lose the GPS signal or the recording seems less accurate than usual, try these excellent tips from Strava

Photos do not save on Google Pixel phone

On most android phones, when you take a photo you then see a 𝙓 and ✔️. 𝙓 cancels the photo. On some Google Pixel phones, the tick is subtly placed inside the photo button so you have to press the button again to save the photo

I cannot open the course my friend who has the original iPhone app has sent me

The CrossCountry iPhone app 1 (with the wheel icon) has a different file format to your "next generation" app CrossCountry 2

Follow these instructions

Encourage your friend to upgrade to CrossCountry 2 on iPhone so they can share simply by uploading the course and sharing the link which is how you can share courses now with both iPhone and Android users. They can keep their CrossCountry 1 on their phone so they can refer back to courses they have already recorded.

Killing the app

If the app is not behaving normally, killing it and reopening it can often solve the problem

NOTE: Killing the app does not mean deleting it. If you delete the app you will lose your courses and you will need to download the app again. If you kill it you are just stopping the program (e.g. by swiping up) and then tap the icon on your home screen to reopen it. If in doubt, restart your phone instead

Upload Fails

Check you have a good internet connection

Upload again. If it fails a second time when you get the prompt Retry/Abort choose Abort and upload again

If this fails, tap Edit and either select from the drop down menu or if your Event is not in the list, type in the Event name again

Upload again

Cannot see dynamic measured distance while recording

Once you have entered an optimum time, the app will use this and the speed to calculate the official distance. If you want to see the measured distance as you are walking, enter the optimum after you have finished the course. It will adjust your minute markers

Cannot take a video

Some older Android phones do not support taking a video. They just take a photo instead. There is no workaround except to try another phone. If this happens on a new phone, email

Support contact

If you have not found your problem here Email or call Jose on 0418 224 081 (or +61 418 224 081 outside Australia).

Or you can use Feedback form in the Account section of the App