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It is a brilliant way to record and understand courses quickly and easily. I've used it at four events this year and have come home clear and under time each time
Sara Botten

Advice from our users on Riding to Time

CrossCountry app helps riders of all levels to memorise their course and ride to time.

walking and memorising the course
  • Create a course map with GPS on your iPhone or iPad 3/4G
  • Add jumps, photos, comments, striding and video
  • Automatic minute markers
  • Download or share courses by email
  • Works without mobile (cell) coverage and internet

While walking the course, riders can pause to walk their lines, add photos, videos and comments to quickly review before they ride.

Ride more accurately

I used to drive a long way to an event, just to miss a fence. Since I started using CrossCountry App I haven't missed a single one
- Ally Drewett, One Star Rider

Avoid missed fences and time consuming wrong turns. Add photos between fences to show where the track forks. Minute markers help you ride a smoother pace.

Ride to time

CrossCountry helps me ride at the right pace. I used to get time penalties for going too fast
- Willy Leysen Amateur Rider, Holland
location awareness arrow

Tips on riding to time from Tamsin Drew

Busy professionals like Olympic Silver Medallist Shane Rose don't have time to wheel courses at One Day Events. Shane relies on CrossCountry App's automatic minute markers. Lower level riders find it helps them settle into a consistent pace which is much better for the horse. You can also use the app to set up practise gallops to get yourself used to riding at the right speed.

On a second course walk (or your first if you are using a pre-recorded course) click on the location arrow to turn on minute marker reminders. This feature was developed especially for the Australian Olympic Team. Your phone will beep when you get within 15 meters of a minute marker so you can note landmarks - even if it is locked in your pocket!

Using a stopwatch with CrossCountry App tips from rider Caroline Mosley

Calm Startbox Nerves

Lower level riders calm their nerves by reviewing the course before they ride.  Being able to quickly refresh your memory, discuss a jump with your coach without actually walking out to the fence, and knowing the route, brings confidence and helps calm startbox nerves. Parents enjoy recording the courses for their children and say having the course handy relieves tension.

Listen to how a virtual guided course walk helped Kristy go clear in the 60cm at Sydney

calm start box nerves

Plan your competition schedule

Thinking of going up a grade? Download courses from our library to see what the courses are like and which type of fence you might need to practise. Many competitions publish a fence analysis so you can look at the jumps that caused problems.

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Share courses

Email a course to another rider or send it to use to publish. Friends or relatives at home or even on the other side of the world can then view your course on their smartphone, tablet or PC.

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Use the app the experts use

“Visualisation is a key part of riders going well cross country.”   Said leading Coach Eric Smiley, who used CrossCountry App with the Belgian Team at the London Olympics. CrossCountry App was used by three teams. Read More about the Olympics

Belgian Team walk the water jump at the Olympics

Erasing is easy

If you go the wrong way on your course walk, simply use the eraser and resume from the correct position. Measure straight through the water jump. You can take and receive phone calls or sms while you record.

camden water zoomed

Are you also a Coach? Find out how coaches are using CrossCountry App