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Visualisation is a key part of riders going well cross country so to have seen the course many times can only improve their familiarity with its questions and hopefully better able to produce the correct answers

Belgian Team Coach Eric Smiley used CrossCountry App at the Olympics

Do you want your students to feel calm and confident in the startbox?

Do you want to reach a much wider audience with your coaching skills?

Do you want to help your pupils even if they cannot physically walk the course with you?

calm start box nerves

For coaching all levels

  • Help your students to form a plan for each jump. Develop safer, more organised and confident riders.
  • At the competition students can record your advice as you walk the course together to review later using the app. The best advice is no help when forgotten in a fit of nerves
  • If you are not at the competition, your student can email the course for you to reference as you discuss it on the phone.
  • When event organisers publish pre-recorded courses its even easier for you to add audio advice or extra videos and email to your students.
  • Listen to how a virtual guided course walk helped Kristy go clear in the 60cm at Sydney

How to create a virtual guided course walk

  • Follow these steps on our Learn Hub
  • Some Examples

    Download with CrossCountry Pro or view on any smartphone, tablet or PC

    BE 100 Mitsubishi Motors Cup with Yogi Breisner

    A 95cm virtual guided course walk in Melbourne with Amanda Rossamanda ross

    95cm at Sydney with Sandy Lucas

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    leah brown slept easier

    "It is visually so much easier for riders to take information and advice on board when they have the course and photos in front of them rather than just imagining it" Ginny Elliot (Leng) Multiple Olympic Medallist, European Champion, Badminton and Burghley Horse Trials winner. Team Ireland Coach at the London 2012 Olympics

    CrossCountry App was used by three team coaches at the London Olympics. Interviews with Eric Smiley, Ginny Elliott and Prue Barrett about the Olympics

    Belgian Team walk the water jump at the Olympics

    Photo from Eric Smiley's course recording. Find it in our library

    How might I use CrossCountry App for coaching?

    At a competition

    "You can pull up pictures to show to a student or show a course to an owner. It's very beneficial to have the course in advance, especially at a one day event when you are riding a lot of horses and time is short" Mark Kyle

    • Review the course your student has recorded on iPhone or iPad
    • Student records your comments or videos as you walk the course together to review later
    • Download the course beforehand, add audio tips and email to students
    • You record the course, add tips and videos to publish/sell on our website
    • Download or share courses by email
    • If you have several students, nominate one to record the course and email to others

    Remote coaching

    • Student emails you the course, you discuss by phone, using the app as a reference

    After a competition

    "Talking and showing riders after their cross country can also be of huge value as a learning process" Eric Smiley

    • Review the course and analyse how it rode
    • Students records comments to refer to next time "ran out at left hand arrow head", "long uphill stretch after 15AB, keep petrol in the tank for it"

    What about events where there is no mobile coverage?

    CrossCountry App records a course without mobile (cell) coverage and internet (you just won't see the satellite background until you get on the internet)

    Many events have WiFi at the Secretary Tent if there is no mobile coverage. You can use this to send/receive courses by email.

    Encourage your local event to pre-record the courses so riders can download them on WiFi the day before. They sleep much easier having seen the course.

    How do I get started?

    It is amazingly easy to create a virtual guided course walk.

    Coaches created virtual guided course walks at Sydney ODE for 60-95cm riders. More

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