CrossCountry helps me ride at the right pace. I used to get time penalties for going too fast

Willy Leysen, Amateur Rider Holland

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Here is advice from this British rider on wearing a watch. We'd love to hear your views via Facebook or email

Using a stop watch cross country Yesterday I used a stopwatch in the British Eventing BE100 at Poplar Park Horse...

Posted by Tamsin Drew Eventing on Monday, 14 March 2016
Came in on perfect time. Minute markers helped heaps
Laura Holdstock

Are you a Pushy Parent?

Children can get huge benefit from CrossCountry App - in helping them plan how to ride the course and calming startbox nerves. But...

As Sable Giesler of Eventing Connect advises, if you are a parent pushing your kid to make time on cross-country... backoff!