Munstead Organiser Case Study

pairs class at Munstead Hunter Trials
Competitors enjoy a Munstead Hunter Trials Pairs Class

Rebecca Harvie organises British Eventing official, unaffiliated and Hunter Trials competitions in Surrey, England. She also competes regularly herself.

pairs class at Munstead Hunter Trials

“As an organiser, it is just the most useful tool for initially measuring and planning courses, to check we have the correct distance and the right number of jumping efforts, right through to the final courses that we publish for the competitors to look at.

It has changed my life, both as an organiser and as a competitor. It is a very intuitive app, easy to use and really very idiot proof

Great Support

Jose [Diacono] and Jill [Martin] are always on the end of the phone/email if I have any problems and are always just so friendly and helpful

It really makes such a huge difference to talk to a real person 😊 in this day and age of Web Chats etc

Recording and updating the courses

I find it really useful that I can map the final course while the course builders are still working on it and can then add photos to the courses at the last minute before I publish them, once they are dressed and looking beautiful.

It is also very useful to have photos of all the fences, so when competitors come into the secretaries with queries about the course, you can show them as well as explain to them where the course goes/how you are supposed to jump each fence/alternative."

Links to scoring

Munstead (and all British Eventing official) results are posted on the EventingScores website with links to the interactive online maps. In addition to live scores, the site has brilliant statistics. It's so easy to review the graphs to see where problems occurred, then click through to the interactive map to see the fence photos. It makes the results so much more useful and meaningful as riders know what they might face next time.

Munstead stats
Take a look at the Munstead stats

Maps made easy

"The old days of drawing the course maps was time consuming and frustrating (as I am very definitely not an artistic person!" says Rebecca.

print maps at the touch of a button

"The CrossCountry app maps are really easy to print up and you can customise them to your liking, so they can be given to all the various officials as well as being put on the notice boards around the event."

Munstead screen shots

"The competitors really like the interactive maps and are very quick to comment if I don’t publish them quickly enough! I usually publish them on Social media a day or two before the event and they are always really well received."

print maps at the touch of a button

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start box sign
Helen Diacono caught up with Rebecca at Badminton to give her a Startbox sign

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