The Ultimate Spectator Tool

As a spectator you can choose between viewing a course online free on any smartphone or PC or downloading to CrossCountry Lite to your Apple device.

four star courseZoom and pan around cross country course maps. Browse photos, videos, audio and notes. Take a virtual course walk of the world's greatest cross country courses. Badminton, Rolex Kentucky, Burghley, Luhmuehlen, Olympics, Pau, Adelaide.

CrossCountry Lite is ideal for spectators and friends of event riders.  Always fast and consistent as you swipe through the jumps even where events have no Internet or it is very congested. Once a course is downloaded you are completely independent of the internet.

download lite app store link

Download your favourite course from our library or get a riding friend to email you theirs to share their excitement.

Ian Stark records audioAn expert in your pocket - on course, at home, anywhere...

Imagine standing at a fence on the cross country course at Sydney or Bramham and at the touch of a button, listening to two of the world’s leading course designers, Mike Etherington-Smith and Ian Stark talk about the challenges they have set and where valuable seconds will be gained or lost. Our virtual guided course walks let you do just that!

Walk Adelaide with William Fox-Pitt, Paul Tapner, Sam Griffiths and Amanda Ross or Tattersalls with one of Ireland’s top riders, Ciaran Glynn.

Tour Blenheim with Designer Eric Winter and top rider Francis Whittington.

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Plan where to watch

Plan where to watch, find your way around the course using the high resolution satellite imagery, then stand at a jump and listen to the commentary on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, as you would an audio tour in an art gallery. If you hear that horse and rider have had a problem at a jump, they can click on the map to see the jump from different angles and learn why it might have happened. Or check the fence analysis after the comptetition and look at the jumps that caused problems.

  • Tap a jump on the map
  • Swipe through jumps
  • Swipe through photos and videos
  • Double tap to view full screen (rotate the screen to portrait/landscape as you wish before expanding to full screen)
  • Listen to voice memos (tap on the microphone icon and then swipe back to view photos while you listen)
  • Pan and zoom around the course
Navigating media

Multiple dots under the photo indicate there are more photos, videos or voice memos

Create a lasting memory

For an even more exciting spectator experience, download CrossCountry App full. This gives you minute markers (listen for the watch beeps to see if riders are ahead or behind their markers), time at each fence and you can add your own photos, comments and videos to create a lasting memory.

download liteapp store link