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Navigate the GPS recorded course track on a high resolution satellite image. Click on jumps; Swipe through pictures, photos, route diagrams and expert explanations from some of the world's top riders, coaches and course designers:

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Ian Stark records audio

Eric Winter records the course walk for Badminton with Jill Martin of CrossCountry App

Adelaide, Badminton, Bramham, Blenheim, Gatcombe, Ocala, Sydney, ...


Lucinda Green,Mike Etherington-Smith,Chris Bartle,Eric Winter, Harry Meade,Clayton Fredericks,Sam Griffiths,Ian Stark,Amanda Ross,Chris Burton,David Evans,Jonty Evans,Paul Tapner,Francis Whittington

Educational and Entertaining

  • which fences will cause problems and why?
  • what is the best line?
  • where could I make up time?

"There's been a run out at Fence 12" Swipe to the jump and find out why it might have happened.

On course at a fence, use it as you might listen to a guided audio tour in an art gallery.

badminton course walk

How to get them

1. Go to our course library

2. Search for the course you want and click View to open the online virtual course walk. Tap any jump to see photos, videos and listen to audio

3. Alternatively, If you have an iPhone or iPad you can Download CrossCountry or CrossCountry Lite to enjoy the courses without internet.

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4. Inside the app Click Download Courses, click on the course or type in the course name in the search box

5. Once downloaded the course will open automatically in CrossCountry App

6. Enjoy!

  • Tap a jump on the map
  • Swipe through jumps
  • Swipe through photos and videos
  • Listen to voice memos (tap on the microphone icon and then go back to photos while you listen)

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Navigating media


No internet out on course? No problem!

Once the course is downloaded, the app does not use the internet so you always experience the same fast performance as you click on the jumps and scroll through pictures. This is especially useful where events have limited mobile (cell) or internet.