Upgrade free to 1.9.2 from the App Store

The latest release is 1.9.2 which has bug fixes.

New features in 1.9

  • Speed and reliability improvements in downloading courses
  • CourseDesigner statistics give Time to Finish Count Down
  • Users with login publish courses directly to the library
  • New format for emailed courses

Faster, more reliable downloading (Full and Lite)

Especially useful when you are off WiFi or mobile coverage is poor

CourseDesigner Count Down

The CourseDesigner add in module now gives a count down "time from finish" based on Optimum Time. This helps you plan your ride and for commentators to keep spectators and viewers informed of whether a competitor is likely to make the optimum time. How to buy the CourseDesigner add in module

count down

New format for emailed courses

Courses recorded with 1.9 and shared via email or Airdrop cannot be read by earlier versions of CrossCountry App. Users will receive a message when they try to open the course, explaining that they need to do the free upgrade.

You are NOT required to upgrade to 1.9 to download new courses from the library

If you have both CrossCountry App & Lite installed

lite alertIf you have both the full version of CrossCountry App and Lite, courses will default to download in "Full" .

We recommend you delete Lite from your device

  1. Touch and hold the app until it jiggles.
  2. Tap the   in the upper-left corner to delete.

Publish direct with a login/password

Email us your name and country to get a login/password. Then your courses will be uploaded directly to our library. Especially useful for event organisers and riders who want to share your course with other riders during a competition, or if you have a lot of photos, audio or videos in the coures which can make it too large to email.. Without a login, your course is emailedl to us and we publish it.

create weblinkCourse library Tech Tip

If you like to quickly view courses online from your iPhone or iPad before you download them, you can create a shortcut to the library on our website for your home screen. Here's how



Download your 1.9.1 free Update from the App Store