Support for iOS 10 and iPhone 7 (Full and Lite)

A lot of code changes behind the scenes to ensure things continue to run smoothly.

iPhone 4S owners cannot upgrade to iOS 10 but don't worry, this release also supports iOS 8 and iOS 9

You don't have to wait until you move to iOS 10. Get it now

Download the upgrade free from the App Store
embedded course libary

Enhanced course library and downloading (Full and Lite)

The course library is now embedded in the app (rather than simply taking you to our website). We kept the look and feel, but downloading is a lot more flexible

  • Carry on doing other things while courses download in the background
  • Download multiple courses at once
  • Open a course while it is still downloading
  • Receive an alert when a course is downloaded
  • Counter appears on app icon on your home screen

More course library enhancement to come...

download and opendownload alerts create weblink

Course library Tech Tips

If you like to view courses online from your iPhone or iPad you can create a shortcut to the library on our website for your home screen. Here's how

If you have both Full and Lite, the Lite Welcome Screen will display temporarily when you click Download, but courses will aways download in Full. You may prefer to remove Lite from your device.

save media

Record higher resolution photos and videos (Full)

For sharper display and more detail. Photo dimensions have increased from 640 x 480 to 960 x 718 Videos previously recorded at 480 x 360 are now recorded at 640 x 480. So now you can save all your higher resolution photos and videos to your camera roll to use on Facebook etc with Save Media

Support for Beta Toolkit (Full)

  • Publish courses directly to our library yourself
  • Powerful course editing
  • Automatic printing of high quality maps
  • Private sharing

Contact us for more information

Better Backups

Photos, videos, voice memos in all courses are now backed up when you synchronise your iPhone. Previously we only backed up from courses you had created so if you moved to a new device and restored you only got those courses back.


Measured Optimum time is always rounded up as per FEI rules

i.e. Distance is 3000m at 500mpm = optimum time of 6 minutes

Distance of 3001m at 500mpm = optimum time of 6 minutes 1 second

If you wish to change the official distance (e.g. for print maps) you need the Toolkit. Contact us


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