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Support for iOS9

A lot of code changes behind the scenes to ensure things continue to run smoothly.

Support for iOS6 has been discontinued. iOS7 and iOS8 are supported

Optimum time is now optional

You don't have to enter optimum time. The app will give your minute markers based on speed and distance measured. Enter the official optimum time later and they will be adjusted.

Course Designers and event organisers can now use the app very easily to calculate the optimum time.

Just enter the venue, speed and level and click Next

optimum time optional

Download multiple courses in background

You can download several courses at once and carry on working on other things.

You will get an alert when the download is complete if CrossCountry App is not open.

Our library has now been updated to enable this time saving feature.

download in background download complete

Performance Improvements

Opening courses, adding photos and editing is quicker

CourseDesigner gives more information "on the fly"

As you record a course you see a running count of distance, optimum time and efforts (ie. an ABC fence is 3 efforts)

This is useful for designing an initial track.

new CourseDesigner feature
Download 1.7.1 free Update from the App Store