app store updateTo upgrade, click on the App Store icon on your iPhone or iPad home screen

Add comments to the Details screen.

This can be an evaluation of the course, note any problem jumps, things to remember next time you compete at this event

resume screen

Save unfinished courses to resume later

It was possible to cancel a course by mistake if you were bouncing around in a buggy - no fun if you were at the penultimate jump of a 3* ! So now instead of Cancel, you Save.

waypoint screen

Your course goes into the courses list and you can click on it any time to resume.

course saved

If you really don't want it, just delete it by clicking Edit or swiping from the right in the usual Apple way.

delete course

How might I use this?

You can now view or add a photo to a previously recorded course while you are in the middle of recording a new one. Imagine you are recording your 80cm course and you already have your 1* course on your phone.

You meet your coach and want to quickly discuss the 1* water. You can save your 80cm course, open the 1*, look at the photos and even record your coaches advice in a voice memo. Then you select your 80cm course from the list and resume...

New, Faster Database format

You will see a message explaining that your courses are being migrated when you open the app in 1.6 for the first time. Just watch the migration bar...


The new database format makes the app faster and means we can add new capabilities much easier in future.

Publish a course

This button emails your course to us. No need to think about what address to send it to. Use the Comments in Details (see above) to say who the course designer is, how the course rode or your name.


CourseDesigner Help and Fix

There is now a Help button which links you to our website.

You can now add feet and inches dimensions as ' and " into jump comments. (Single and double quotes previously upset the formatting of the fence list)

coursedesigner help

Location Awareness in Lite

This is a fancy name for "show me where I am". Very useful for specatators wanting to get to a special jump in time to see their favourite rider, or for jump judges to find their jump.

location awareness

The other big change to Lite is that from 1st August there will be a small charge to buy it on the App Store. Existing users upgrade free.

Known issue with satellite imagery when you start recording

If you have upgraded to 7.1.1 or 7.1.2 of IOS you may find that when you start to record a course your satellite background does not appear at first. Don't worry. Start recording and the background will appear after about 100m. It is an IOS related issue which will be fixed very soon with 1.6.1 . It does not affect your recording.

no satellite