2018 Courses

Mitsubishi Motors Cup

The fences are in place! Photos of dressed fences and audio from course designer James Willis will be added nearer the event

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BE 90

BE 100

View online. Click the map to open and on any jump for photos.

2018 BE 100

MMCup BE 100

"In addition to each Mitsubishi Motors Cup competitors’ training and fitness work, having access to an interactive version of the course plays an important role in helping riders feel as prepared as possible for what will be the biggest competition in many of their eventing careers.”

Badminton Event Director Hugh Thomas


2018 BE 90

MMCup map BE 90

For additional features such as minute markers, to pinpoint your location on course, record and publish your own courses and view without internet:

1. Download CrossCountry App to your iPhone,iPad or iPod

2. Open the app and click the Download Courses button

3. Type Mitsubishi in the search box

4. Download the free BE 100 and BE 90 virtual course walks with map, photos, audio, minute markers and video.

5. Browse the map, swipe through the photos, click to listen to audio at Badminton, independently of the internet.

6. Use CrossCountry App to record your own courses too.