Sending Courses

The easiest way to share courses is by emailing them directly from your iPhone or iPad. Open the course and click the Save icon bottom right.

share courses

Click the Mail icon

email course

Fill in the address of the person you want to send it to

email course

Publish in our Library


Receiving Courses

import by email

Click on the "Open in CrossCountry" or the CrossCountry Lite text to open the course

receiving a course by email

We would love you to share your courses with us so we can put them up on the courses page of our website.Just email them to

What if the course is too big to email?

email anyway

Courses with lots of videos are much bigger. They can range from  20 to 50mb. To share large courses you need to save them as a file and then via iTunes. You can then share them by uploading to your website (e.g. if you are an event organiser) or with a free file sharing service. We have found Dropbox works well. These services have very good online help to guide you through how to use them.

Saving as a file via iTunes and Dropbox & Extracting Photos and Videos

First connect up your iPhone or iPad to the Mac/PC on which your iTunes is installed.

open iPhone

Open your iPhone by clicking on it (left) and click on the Apps tab. Scroll down to find CrossCountry

select apps

Click on CrossCountry to see the exported courses and media. If you want to reuse photos or videos you have taken for blogs, facebook etc you can click on the Media folder and save that to disk. Photos don't have meaningful names but if you have saved a course and want to sort the photos by jump number, sorting by 'last modified' will do the trick.

saving a course to disk

Save the courses to your hard drive.

saving a course to disk step 2

This is what the saved courses look like.

saved courses

You can now move the files to your Dropbox folder.

When you sign up for Dropbox you get 2GB of storage. You upload files to Dropbox and then others can download them. You can keep your files private so that only people you invite can share them, or you can put them in the public folder, right click the file to create a web link and then paste that into an email or a website and send it to whoever you want to share the files with. The online documentation for Dropbox is very good and there are videos on youtube too.