New Toolkit

Design, document, manage and share your courses

Launching soon for course designers and organisers Contact us to register your interest

The toolkit runs on any modern browser on any smartphone, tablet, PC or MacBook. It will be available by subscription.

  • Edit a course track including moving the start and finish
  • Add, move and delete jumps
  • Edit jump names, photos and comments
  • Renumber jumps automatically
  • Share a course privately with your team
  • Make it public and edit the library description
  • Create automatic pdf maps for printing
  • Import a track via KML e.g from Daft Logic

Extra information as you record a course; high quality map images; fence lists, count up/down times and distances at the touch of a button.

Distance and Time statistics

As you record a course you see a running count of distance, optimum time and efforts (ie. an ABC fence is 3 efforts)

new CourseDesigner feature


Create fence lists, distance and time reports from a finished course

fence list

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