Top Riders use CrossCountry App. So can you

Top riders use CrossCountry App to visualise their courses or discuss with their coach. Whatever level you ride at, CrossCountry App helps you improve your chance of a fault free round.

"I am using CrossCountry app at all my One Day Events with great success. It gives me great information" Stuart Tinney, Olympic Gold Medallist

bettina hoy at Houghton, UK

"I rely on CrossCountry app for my minute markers. I regularly compare them with people who have wheeled the course and they are accurate. " Bettina Hoy

CrossCountry is also used by

Ingrid Klimke, Olympic Gold Medallist

Shane Rose, Olympic Silver Medallist

Clayton Fredericks, Olympic Silver Medallist & Canadian National Coach

Paul Tapner, Badminton Winner

Mark Kyle, Irish Olympic Team 2012

Francis Whittington

Christine Batespaul tapner tweet

Will Enzinger

Emily Anker

By coaches and officials

Ginny Elliot, Eventing Legend and Irish Eventing High Performance Manager

Gillian Rolton, Olympic Gold Medallist, International Ground Jury Member

at the olympicsEric Smiley, Olympic Coach for the Belgian Team

Alec and Hugh Lochore, International Course Designers

and many more professional and amateur riders of all levels

"This app is top class" says