Tips for Better Photos

Your line to the next
As you stand at one element of a combination, take a photo to show your line to the next so you can visualise it in your preparation. This is the Suregrow Fertiliser Owl Hole, Bramham CCI 3* 2013

better photos

Too dark?
We often have to walk a course in poor light. To lighten up your photos, focus on the jump and tap the centre of the screen. A yellow box will appear and the screen will momentarily lighten up so you can snap a much clearer picture. Or you tilt the phone down slightly this also lightens up the photo.

Landscape or Portrait?
A landscape photo fills the screen more, so you can see it better as you swipe through.  If you take a portrait photo you can double click to view it in full screen mode. This works for videos too. 
Between fences
If there is a fork in the track or some slippery footing, add a waypoint with a photo add a waypoint
Adding photos later
Add more photos of takeoffs and landings on a second course walk by clicking Edit while viewing the fence
import a photo
Saving to your Camera Roll
You can save all your photos (in sequence) and videos to your camera roll.
save media to camera roll