CrossCountry App went to the Olympics!


mark kyle and coolio"CrossCountry app was an extremely useful part of our toolkit at the Olympics. We used it in our cross country briefings. It enabled us to relate discussion back to the fences and look at minute markers Absolutely brilliant. I wish I'd had it when I was riding" Coach Ginny Elliot

"It's very useful to refresh your memory and have the course plan always handy if someone has a question. Much better than scraps of paper" Rider Mark Kyle


Prue Barrett and Clayton Fredericks walked the course individually with their iPhones. CrossCountry app calculated their minute markers automatically. Sam Griffiths wheeled the course. Then they all did a group course walk comparing minute markers. “They were accurate with the wheel”, reports Coach Prue Barrett.


belgian team walk course

"Visualisation is a key part of riders going XC well, so to have seen the course many times can only improve their familiarity with its questions and hopefully better able to produce the correct answers" Coach Eric Smiley

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CrossCountry helps novice riders to remember their course and calm pre cross country nerves. Competitive amateurs avoid costly time penalties. Busy professionals save wheeling and quickly memorise multiple courses.