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  • Edit a course track including moving the start and finish
  • Add, move and delete jumps
  • Edit fence names, photos and comments
  • Renumber fences automatically
  • Share courses privately with your team
  • Automatic time and distance statistics
  • Make it public and edit the library description
  • Create automatic pdf maps for printing
  • Import a GoogleEarth track via KML e.g from Daft Logic

Please send your feedback to jose.diacono@crosscountryapp.com or call +61 418 224 081 Skype.id. jose.diacono

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Edit fence properties, photos etc



Sharing & Collaborating

Statistics and Exporting

Duplicate an existing course


Importing KML from Daft Logic

Daftlogic is a free google earth tool. Go to https://www.daftlogic.com/ and create a login to start designing your course

Download a course from the toolkit (after editing)



Thank you to Badminton Horse Trials for the Mitsubishi Motors Cup course and to Aidan McGinly for the Munstead PC course used in these videos.

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