How CrossCountry App can help your brand

Powerful Target Audience

CrossCountry App is used and viewed by eventing fanatics around the world. From the low level amateur riders to the Elite level, we constantly have a stream of people browsing local and international cross country courses.

CrossCountry App provides your potential customers with a useful,
enjoyable and interactive experience that delivers the right advertising messages, before, during and after the event.

This high exposure promotes brand 
awareness, can call them to action at a competition and encourages them to click through to your website.

bramham on iphone and android

Displays the most Popular Courses around the World

We work with leading events to produce a stunning and professional spectator experience. We have had 25,000 course views in the last 3 months (7/7/2015).

2015 Rolex Kentucky 4* Course – 4,000 views by different people

2015 Mitsubishi Motors Grassroots at Badminton Courses – Over 4,000 views by different people

Used and recommended by Top Riders around the World

The CrossCountry iPhone App is used by Ingrid Klimke, Paul Tapner, Clayton Fredericks, Francis Whittington, Bettina Hoy, Shane Rose and Stuart Tinney.

Apps for Every Platform

Courses can be viewed on Android, Windows and Apple smart phones as well as desktop computers and tablets.

Available Advertising

Banner Ads on Website
Banner Ads in Online Course Viewer

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